When you’re a cyclist, there is always something on your wish list. Zwifters in particular have some specific needs due to all the sweating and equipment involved. Use our list below to buy something for your favorite Zwifter, or pass it on to the non-Zwifter who drew your name at the office!

Apple TV 4K

Only buy it for your loved one if you want to be tackled with a hug while they cry tears (and snot) of joy on your shoulder!

Quad Lock Bike Kit

If it’s good enough for GPLama, it’s good enough for you!

Local Socks

I’m a big “buy local whenever you can” kind of person. So get over to your LBS and grab some socks (crew length, unless you’re a triathlete) for your loved one’s stocking! Get it? Stockings in their stocking! I’m here all night, folks!

Wireless Keyboard

Because you’re not a Neanderthal.

Wifi Smart Powerstrip

Especially convenient when your pain cave is -30° when you start and 400° halfway into your race. You can easily turn on your fan (or any other device you’ve plugged in) from the comfort of your bike!

Another Fan

You can never have too many fans (and we’re not just talking about Nathan Guerra cheering you on during your race.) Here’s one of our favorites.

New Bar Tape

This is another great item to get from your LBS! All the sweat soaking into the bar tape can wear it out prematurely and even corrode handlebars, so be sure to inspect and replace the these items as needed.

Cotton Hand Towels

Buy them in a color not used in your home to avoid confusing the good towels with the sweat/snot towels…

Sweatband Set

Get two sets so the Zwifter can still look like they are crushing the 1980s while the other set is being washed. (Pro tip: you could buy the orange ones and stay on-brand!)

Sweat Net

Because even with all of the above, there’s still those stray drops of corrosive sweat…if you’re really working out, anyway!

Rocking Plate

For the DIYer–build your own rocking plate for a Zwifter you love! It’s RIDICULOUS how much joy and comfort I get out of not having my trainer on solid ground!

Riser Block

This is what Eric Schlange wants for Christmas. I’m pretty sure it’s the one Zwift upgrade he doesn’t already own. (Don’t tell him, but it’ll be under the tree.)

Bluetooth Earphones

For those times you’re Zwifting while the babies are sleeping.

Trainer Tire

Save the road tires for outside, and get a nice tough trainer tire for indoors. Just don’t use it outside!

Wahoo Fitness Desk

Keep things conveniently close, while making your wattage cottage a little less janky!

A Bigger Screen

Zwifting on a small screen is no fun. Go big or go home!

Topical Edge PR Lotion

Give the gift of less muscle burn: clinically proven lotion helps you train harder, go faster and recover quicker. (Hint: use code TRYPRLOTION thru Dec 4th for 25% off!)

USB Extension Cable

For the Zwifter who struggles with ANT+ dropouts… here’s the simplest solution.